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Our team

  • Aritra Chakravarty
    Aritra Chakravarty
    Founder & CEO
  • Suzanne Hsu
    Suzanne Hsu
    Advisor to the CEO
  • Sriroop Lahiri
    Sriroop Lahiri
    Assistant Chief of Staff
  •  Ella Pyo
    Ella Pyo
    Company Accountant & Financial Analyst
  • Gemma Steel
    Gemma Steel
    General Counsel, Head of Compliance, Chief of Staff
  • Lucia Talotta
    Lucia Talotta
    Senior Compliance Officer
Product _Management
  • Eleanor Hasler
    Eleanor Hasler
    Product Strategy & External Relations Lead
  • Irina Bulygina
    Irina Bulygina
    Technical Product Manager
  • Alina Berestennikova
    Alina Berestennikova
    Product Analyst
  • Bonita Greeff
    Bonita Greeff
    Product Manager
  • Katja Lichtenstein
    Katja Lichtenstein
    VP, Smart Distribution
  • Robert McIntosh
    Robert McIntosh
    Service & Community Lead
  • Floris Van Diest
    Floris Van Diest
    VP, Treasury, Risk Analytics & Data Science
  • Sandesh Sharanappa
    Sandesh Sharanappa
    Product & Partnerships Operations Lead
  • Gerda Valiukonyté
    Gerda Valiukonyté
    Treasury and Compliance Ops Lead
  • Julia Earthrowl
    Julia Earthrowl
    VP, Storytelling
  • Poulami (Polo) Chakraborty
    Poulami (Polo) Chakraborty
    Head of Brand Strategy & Advertising Creative
  • Mella Mckeown
    Mella Mckeown
    Lead Brand Designer
  • Natasha Davis Whitehead
    Natasha Davis Whitehead
    Studio and Optimisation Lead
  • Hiljamaria Immonen
    Hiljamaria Immonen
    VP Design
  • Anna Yelovskaya
    Anna Yelovskaya
    Lead App Designer
  • Matt Royhl
    Matt Royhl
  • Sheza Marinova
    Sheza Marinova
  • Igor Tomych
    Igor Tomych
    VP, Technology
  • Mikhail Merkulov
    Mikhail Merkulov
    Lead Solutions Architect

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