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An everyday account, a savings ally, a money manager, a financially savvy friend – all in one app.
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Get a personalised dashboard

Your ‘dozens Home’ gives you a complete picture of your money. From how much you can spend today to how your future plans are shaping up - all at your fingertips.

Understand your spending habits

See where you spend, how you spend by size, category and location. And it’s all explained visually to make things simpler.

Stay on track with smart budgeting

Stay in control of your spending with budgeting that adapts to you, and tells you everyday how much you can spend the next day.

Make saving fun and automatic

Automate your savings with round-ups and fun rules like, ‘save a fiver when my team scores.’ You can choose rules that best suit your lifestyle.

Investments that suit you

You can invest within the same app and the portfolios are based on different themes and worldviews to make choosing easier.

Sit back and enjoy the rewards

We think you should be rewarded for hitting your financial targets. You’ll be entered into our Saver’s Awards with cash prizes every month.
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Wondering about protection?

We are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an e-money institution (FRN 900894) and also as an investment firm (FRN 814281). This means we can offer a range of financial products, which each have different levels of protection.

Current account

Your current account money held in the Spend section of the app will be securely held in segregated client accounts at a UK high street bank in accordance with the FCA requirements and the Electronic Money Regulations 2011, which means that dozens has no access to your money for its own purposes.

Cash savings

Separately your cash savings (excluding any bonds) of up to £85,000 held in the Save section of the app are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

5% fixed interest bonds

The interest offered by our fixed interest bonds, in the Save section of the app, will not fluctuate even in different market conditions. However we understand that you will still need to be comfortable that as a new company, dozens will be able to meet its financial commitments. Because of this, and to help build your trust in us we will place all of your money to be invested plus the full 12-months interest, in a separate trustee-controlled account on your behalf. This would be used to pay you in the event of any default on our part. The bond programme currently has a maximum limit of £7m, with expected issuance volumes of between £100k-£1m a month.


When putting money into any investment products, there are two main factors for you to consider – whether the company you made the investment with can meet its financial commitments, and whether the investments you made will fluctuate in different market conditions.

When investing in a strategy through the Invest section of the app, your investment is exposed to fluctuations in the market, which means that the value of your investment may go up as well as down.

One final point

For both the fixed interest bonds or our strategies you are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme for up to £50,000 for our misselling or default. dozens does not give financial advice, you should speak to an expert if you are unsure about investing.

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